Soba 1985 Transition class

We ex-students of the 1985 class of St. Joseph’s College Sasse welcome you to our website. Here you will find many things there is to connect you to our school days, programs and events that show our commitment to the alma mater. So explore and get involved.

Why Transition 85

As any other batch of St. Joseph's college Sasse, we came from different backgrounds and locations from within and out of Cameroon. Fate put us together, some in the year 1985 and some later. We went through a lot of difficult and joyous moments. Moments which made us become a big family. And yes... Transition... a lot happened, mostly for the worse, but things never were the same again.

Class Meetings

Find out where the last Transition 85 class meeting took place and where the next one is going to be. You need to attend one of these meetings to catch as much fun as you have heard of.


We do not only strive too promote, protect, and consolidate a long-lasting friendship amongst classmates, we are committed to taking steps in changing the lives of the people around us .

Coordinating members

Our members are located in different continents with different personalities. This mixture makes us enjoy the benefits of diversity.